About Life Bridge Community Chaplaincy

What is a Community Chaplain?

A chaplain is a trusted, authentic, caring person. They are trained in pastoral care to assist communities, providing genuine pastoral care.

Life Bridge Community Chaplains…

  • are volunteers
  • are guests
  • serve their community with pastoral care
  • see their role as an honour
  • are authentic Christian men and women
  • are trained in pastoral care
  • commit to a professional code of conduct

Who is Life Bridge Community Chaplaincy?

Life Bridge Community Chaplaincy is an interdenominational ministry that is committed to “being there…” as salt and light serving the community in public spaces. Life Bridge Community Chaplaincy functions in association and in cooperation with Sporting Chaplaincy Australia.

The goal of this new community service is to have trained volunteer chaplains available in public spaces to simply “be there”. The phrase that describes the purpose of the chaplain is “Here for you…”

The Life Bridge Vision

To see local chaplains serving in all major shopping centres across the greater-east region of Brisbane.

Our Conduct

Our chaplains are authentic Christian people with a genuine love for Jesus Christ and serve any person of any faith or world-view. Our chaplains serve under a common statement of faith as outlined in our Professional Code of Conduct.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is that we will ensure our chaplains are:

  • Authentic in motivation & service
  • Respectful of all persons
  • Non-judgmental
  • Confidential
  • Caring
  • Always a guest
  • There to serve
  • Considerate
  • Trained in Community Pastoral Care